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Syko Information

The build started in 1991 but due to time and financial constraints was not completed until April 1995, The Syko started life as a two wheeler with a 3.5 litre Rover V8 engine, a triple plate ‘Syko’ slider clutch and a 2 speed ‘Syko’ epicyclic gear box, at this time The Syko had a blue livery.

Until 2000 The Syko could be seen at tracks all around Britain, at the Isle of Man TT, even once doing a burn out under the nose of Concorde as well as many shows and exhibitions. Best time for a standing quarter was 10.2 at 132mph. It was during this time that Barry Moore who had been The Syko's rider until now had to step down due to other commitments, Graham now took over the riding duties.

Following a few years off the track, in 2005 The Syko reappeared, but now the 3.5 litre Rover V8 had been replaced with a 5 litre V8, a new Syko clutch, and a Bentec 2 speed gear box, however, the new found power had created handling problems.

During 2006 The Syko was transformed from a two wheeler to three, the two wheels being at the front.

In 2007 yet another new clutch was designed and built, and the front axle narrowed to further assist handling. At the end of the 2007 season at Shakespheare County Raceway, Graham had to relinquish the riding duties briefly due to a broken arm, and the job fell to a good friend Mike Palfreman, ironically it was at that meeting that the illusive single figure was achieved, 9.9 at 137 mph.

Now back in the riders seat Graham wasn't to be outdone and at the first meeting of 2008 at York Raceway The Syko did, not one, but two 9.7 runs, as you can imagine, everyone was elated. Then, in June 2007 whilst at a meeting at Honington in Suffolk, The Syko launched into it's forth run of the day but as it did so the engine let go, and it was totalled.  The culprit was the oil pump and although the frame and body were ok the engine had destroyed itself.

Over the next two years a new 4 litre TVR Tuscan based engine was built, damaged parts replaced and The Syko was re-painted, this time the body work was metal flake candy white and all the aluminium parts were anodised gold.  Looking spectacular in it's new livery The Syko did a few test runs at York Raceway in June 2010, then in July made it's first proper public appearance for two years to do some demonstration runs at the Festival of 1000 Bikes at Mallory Park. In September we ventured into europe for the first time to Brustem, for Belgium’s first International Drag Race meeting which was run by Explosion Drag Racing. In October it could be seen at the Stafford Show, and in December 'The Syko' was invited to appear at the Essen International Motor Show, which we felt was a great honour.

For the latest on what 'The Syko' is up to go to our news page.

Syko Stats


  • Rover based TVR Tuscan block
  • Short stroke crank
  • Childs and Albert aluminium con rods
  • Ross forged pistons 13/1
  • Range Rover EFI cylinder heads
  • Manley stainless inlet valves 1.9”
  • Pneumonic exhaust valves 1.75”
  • Kenne Belle roller rockers
  • Solid pedestals
  • T45 pushrods
  • Solid lifters
  • Crane cam
  • Huffacker Hi Plane inlet manifold
  • Weber Edlerbrock double pumper mechanical secondaries 600cfm carburettor
  • Mallory distributor
  • MSD ignition with 2 step launch control
  • Titan 3 chamber oil pump
  • Solid billet dry sump
  • Engine capacity 4080cc 425 ish BHP
  • Max revs 8000rpm
  • Launch speed 4800rpm


  • GSPE 9.0” 2 stage twin plate slider clutch
  • Bentec 2 speed under drive planetary gearbox with pneumatic rpm controlled gear change
  • Gates belt transmission
  • P16 avgas/Tolluline fuel


  • GSPE Tig welded T45 Chrome molly tubing
  • 108” wheelbase
  • 12 litre fuel tank
  • GSPE Carbon fibre/Kevlar body work
  • Aprillia RS 125 front wheels/BBS/Momo 3 piece rear wheel
  • Mickey Thompson ET16 x16 x 33.5 rear tyre
  • GSPE front axle
  • Carbon single element rear wing
  • EK 630 heavy duty drag racing rear chain
  • GSPE sprockets
  • Bike weight 330 Kg